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Advanced Intelligent Blueberry Sorter

Advanced Intelligent Blueberry Sorter
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"Small in size yet highly efficient, these advanced blueberry sorting lines, powered by AI,

enable complete process automation when combined with a precision weighing machine".

"Sorting for different types of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other products."

Our compact sorting machine provides comprehensive fruit sorting, overseeing size, color, and firmness.

If you seek a reliable solution to prepare blueberries for sale, we can assist in constructing a system that ensures optimal sorting. Leveraging our modular design, we amalgamate multiple units at customers’ locations, tailoring the line’s capacity and length to fulfill current requirements. Moreover, as your company expands, we have the capability to add segments to enhance capacity.

Intelligent blueberry sorting line:

The use of artificial intelligence (Al algorithms) with innovative hybrid cameras that simultaneously analyze the fruit in the visible light spectrum by overexposing them in infrared. Knocks out fruits that are already rotting but looks healthy and discards unripe and soft fruits.

Technical specification:


  • Blueberry sorting (optional cranberry, tomato, hazelnuts, macadamia, and other products)


  • Optical sorting


  • Diameter

  • Color 

  • Hardness

  • Internal Damage


  • * Sorting with four hybrid cameras:
– in the visible light spectrum
– in infrared in the NIR band

  • * Sorting based on artificial intelligence Al – algorithms

  • * Control via touch screen

  • * Modular design

  • * Simple durable structure

  • * Remote access via WiFi – software updates and service

  •                                                       NIR Berry 32 NIR Berry 16

  • * Number of tracks: 32 16

  • * Capacity up to: 800 kg/h 400 kg/h             

  • * Work surface: 80 cm 40 cm

Two cameras, operating in both visible light and infrared spectrums, transmit data to a processing unit. This unit analyzes the images and compares them against programmed parameters, allowing us to identify and reject unripe and soft fruit. Our proprietary artificial intelligence system continuously learns and can be updated with new examples of blueberries to be sorted.

Our calibration units enable the sorting of fruit in various sizes. Combining 2-3 calibrators within a single sorting line provides the flexibility to segregate fruits based on sizes, including 10 mm, 12 mm, and 14 mm. The calibration belts are interchangeable. By incorporating a scale for blueberry crates or integrating the system with an automatic weighing machine, you can achieve full automation and substantially reduce operational costs.

"We offer two sorting module variants: NIR16 with a capacity of up to 400 kg/h and NIR32 with a capacity of up to 800 kg/h."

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