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Bull Automatic Horizontal Strapping Machine

Bull Automatic Horizontal Strapping Machine


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  4. SAFE

  • Machine for strapping pallets of different sizes by means of strap (in PP and PET) thermosealing. It can be installed on a fixed base or on a mobile carriage.

  • Being equipped with a safety counterweight, in case of cave-in of the mechanical drive, the structure cannot crash.

  • Strapping arch with safety bumper.

  • Made of a solid central structure with head sliding on both axes, through linear guides in wear-resistant steel. This solution ensures a minimum of maintenance over time.

  • Strapping arch with strap anti-jamming guides and pneumatic-control bobbin holder, for easing the unwinding.

  • New optimised software with self-learning functions, for a high-level automation; the most common settings have been reduced to a minimum, for facilitating the operator.

  • It works with pallets positioned longitudinally and transversally.

  • Easily programmable with various recipes.

  • Tensioning strength variable from recipe.

  • Crate compactor, for guaranteeing a stable pile and a perfect positioning of the corners, if any.

  • Strap centring device, for aligned and efficient strappings.

  • (Optional) motorised corner applicator with check of the position by means of encoder, for ensuring maximum precision for the positioning.

  • Double corner tank (if the machine is equipped with the related applicator), usable for more formats too, with pallet-height self-reading function, for determining the type of corner to be applied.

  • It is the fastest strapping machine on the market. If equipped with Turbo-Strap, Bull realises 9 strappings with corner application in just 1 minute and 45 seconds.


pallets of different sizes and heights.


  • 4.3” colour touch-screen control panel

  • New intuitive R-Touch graphic interface with production statistics

  • Arch internal dimensions: 1480×1480 mm, for 1200×1200-mm pallets

  • Maximum arch height: 2700 mm

  • Strap dimensions: width: 12 mm; thickness: from 0.65 mm to 0.80 mm

  • Minimum strapping height: 230 mm

  • Strap-launch speed adjustable by means of inverter, for straps particularly difficult to work

  • Production: according to the type of programme set

  • Motorised multiformat corner applicator

  • Mobile carriage with up to 4 stations

  • Turbo-Strap (+30% speed)

  • Extra-Force, for increasing the strapping tensioning

  • Safety barriers with photosensors

  • Shim kit for pallet lines raised from the ground

  • Different mounting configurations, according to the plant

  • Different systems for barrier rearm and machine start

  • Easy Remote teleassistance

  • Integration into SCADA systems

  • 4.0 interconnection

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