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Elephant Closing Machine for Cardboard Trays with Wings

Elephant Closing Machine for Cardboard Trays with Wings


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Quick Format Changes, Extreme Speed: Experience unrivaled efficiency with the fastest tray closing machine on the market. Change formats in under 2 minutes using intuitive indexing knobs and a touchscreen panel. Ideal for high-productivity lines, it ensures rapid adaptation to varying tray sizes.

Easy to Use, Low Maintenance: Designed for simplicity, this machine boasts a 4.3" touch-screen control panel with an intuitive R-Touch graphic interface. It requires very low maintenance, offering hassle-free operation and easy programming with various recipes for diverse products.

Eco-Friendly and Versatile: Craft sustainable and eco-friendly monomaterial packages with this machine suitable for all packaging lines, whether automated or manual. Achieve tight, damage-free closures with side wings, accommodating delicate products like fruits, vegetables, and more.

Ideal for Various Products: Perfect for apples, pears, kiwifruits, tomatoes, and more, this machine accommodates a wide range of products typically contained in trays. From wrap trays to flat trays, it ensures a secure and customized closure, even for delicate items.

Technical Specifications:

  • Touch-screen Control Panel: Featuring a 4.3" touch-screen control panel with an intuitive R-Touch graphic interface and production statistics.

  • Tray Compatibility: Workable trays range from min 70x50x25 mm to max 300x210x120 mm (LxWxH).

  • Hot-Glue Applicator: Equipped with a branded Preo hot-glue applicator with a 7" color touch-screen control panel.

  • Synchronized Speed: Mechanically synchronized speed of the 3 chains and single adjustment of the conveyor and belts speed.

  • Adaptable Design: Interchangeable wing-overturning-guide unit for different tray sizes and product irregularities.

  • High Production Rate: Achieve production rates of up to 120-340 trays/min (depending on the length).

Options for Enhanced Functionality:

  • Different mounting configurations

  • Tray-infeed conveyor

  • Outfeed buffer conveyor with side diverter (for automated lines)

  • Outfeed buffer conveyor with package-recirculation system (for automated lines)

  • Printers for bottom or upper part labeling

  • Additional wing-guide kit

  • Easy Remote teleassistance

  • Integration into SCADA systems

  • 4.0 interconnection

Elevate your tray closing process with this advanced machine – where speed meets adaptability and eco-conscious design. Ideal for diverse products, it ensures a secure and customizable closure for your packaging needs.

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