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Embracing the Farming Revolution

A Future with Automated Agriculture

Are robots and AI set to take over farming? It's a question on everyone's mind as technology continues to advance. But fear not, farmers! According to Aaron Smith, a professor of agricultural economics at the University of California-Davis, mass unemployment isn't on the horizon. Instead, it's all about changing the kind of work we do.

Think back to when tractors replaced horses and automation expanded in factories. Did that lead to joblessness? Nope! It changed the way people worked, making tasks easier and more efficient. And that's what's happening in agriculture too.

Horses in farming

Antonio De Loera-Brust, spokesperson for the United Farm Workers, makes an important point. Technology is neither good nor bad; it depends on how it's used. If it makes farm work safer, more dignified, and less physically demanding, it's a win. But if it's just about profits and doesn't care about workers' well-being, that's a concern.

The real threat isn't robots replacing field workers; it's the risk of being replaced by imported labor or different crops. But here's the exciting part: with the rise of automation, the demand for ag equipment operators is growing. These jobs are expected to surge in the coming years. The Western Growers’ report highlights how technology is changing the game. Workers are now focusing on integrating automation into operations and upgrading their skills for high-tech equipment. Soon, there will be thousands of robots in fields, and skilled workers will be building, supporting, and servicing those robots. They'll earn good salaries and have more exciting jobs.

As robots take on repetitive tasks, human laborers can move into more skilled positions, managing these technologies. This trend will continue as automation investments rise. The farming industry is full of potential winners, but the pace of adoption will depend on productivity growth. The key is to use these technologies to boost productivity, which might outweigh any cost savings.

So, farmers, the future of agriculture is bright. Embrace the farming revolution, explore the possibilities, and get in touch with Evolvit to learn how we can help you on your journey to a more automated and efficient farming future.

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