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A16-Velvet Ultra-Gentle Punnet-Line Weigher

A16-Velvet Ultra-Gentle Punnet-Line Weigher


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  3. FAST


  • Innovative combinatorial weigher capable of composing packages with different products according to a prearranged (and never-lower) weight. The computer always calculates the best combination possible in order to obtain the weight desired.

  • Composed by two independent units coupled together. The weighing unit is that of the Series A, of the family of REV’s weighers born for handling apples, in its best performing version, equipped with 16 scales (mod. A16). The outfeed unit, on the other hand, is the system Velvet, projected for extremely delicate products. The latter are “accompanied” and, throughout all phases, the least amount of impacts is guaranteed. The transfers are particularly reduced and happen on soft surfaces. The machine gentleness has been further improved, thanks to the new outfeed conveyor which attenuates the product transfers more efficiently.

  • 20% faster with respect to the previous generation, to parity of gentleness in treating the product.

  • New optimised software with self-learning functions, for a high-level automation; the most common settings have been reduced to a minimum, for facilitating the operator.

  • Easily programmable with various recipes, according to the product to be worked and the dose requested.

  • Counting+Weight working mode with underweight cross-check.

  • New improved management, for an optimum distribution of the incoming product.

  • Projected for filling punnets (if equipped with the specific denester-filler). It can also be used as independent weigher. The machine can eject the doses on both sides, since it is equipped with automatic management of the signal request from downstream machines.


apples, pears, apricots, plums, kiwifruits, peaches, nectarines, tomatoes, avocados, etc. (not suitable for products in bunches).


  • 7” colour touch-screen control panel

  • New intuitive R-Touch graphic interface with production statistics

  • 2 vibrating platforms, for an optimum product distribution

  • 16 independent vibrating channels

  • 16 shovels for stopping the product

  • 16 weighing hoppers

  • Division for each scale: 1 g (± 1 g)

  • Mechanical scale-anti-overload system

  • Product-levelling brush

  • Gentle outfeed conveyor with speed adjustment, from recipe

  • 4-conveyor simultaneous outfeed (285-mm pitch)

  • Auto-tare function

  • Scale-remains check function with automatic product-anti-bridging system

  • Counting+Weight function (by means of product average weight)

  • Automatic-product-infeed function, according to the objective set

  • End-of-production and emptying advanced functions

  • Speed- / Accuracy-balancing setting function

  • Smart warning signalling, without stopping the production

  • Ideal for doses up to 3 kg

  • Maximum product size: width: 100 mm; length according to the width and shape

  • Workable packages (with punnet line): punnets and clamshells, in plastic or cardboard

  • Approximate production: more than 65 packages/min. (according to the type of product and accuracy and weight set)

  • Punnet production line made of denester-filler (double too)

  • Different mounting configurations, according to the plant

  • Product-infeed belt-or-roller elevator

  • Manual wicketed-bag filling

  • Easy Remote teleassistance

  • Integration into SCADA systems

  • 4.0 interconnection

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