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Punnet Denester

Punnet Denester


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  3. FAST

  • REV is a recognised leader for what concerns punnet denesters. We created different models, both combined with weighers and fruit counters and independent machines.

  • In particular, we would like to point out Series U. Series U is a really high-quality denester-filler capable of simultaneously managing 3, 4 or 5 punnets, according to the version. The machine can work a wide range of punnets, clamshells and cardboard trays, in different formats. The integrated touch-screen panel allows to programme various recipes and to manage the machine. The denester is highly configurable: it can be combined with a filling system.

  • D6, on the other hand, has been designed for automatically denesting punnets placed in various piles, in the specific loader. Once denested, the punnets are ejected in sequence, creating a continuous outfeed. The punnets are thus ready to move towards the following machine or station.

  • In addition to these models, REV projects and realises other denesters-fillers customised upon request.


punnets and trays of different types and sizes.


  • Extreme ease of use

  • Electrical-control-panel independent management

  • Electro-pneumatic drive

  • Solid structure

  • Really easy adjustments and format change

  • Potentiality: up to 100 punnets/min.

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